Gritzo Supermilk Personalized Protein & Nutrition Drink 13+yrs Boys Weight + OP,  400 g  Double Chocolate
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Gritzo Supermilk Personalized Protein & Nutrition Drink 13+yrs Boys Weight + OP,  400 g  Double Chocolate

Gritzo Supermilk Personalized Protein & Nutrition Drink 13+yrs Boys Weight + OP,  400 g  Double Chocolate

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Gain weight naturally with Gritzo SuperMilk Weight+ for teenage boys. Enriched with 11g of high-quality whey protein for fulfilling the daily protein gap. 100% RDA D3 (3X efficient than D2) which leads to higher absorption of calcium in the body, and 21 essential vitamins, minerals & electrolytes for proper growth and development. Personalized ingredients like Ashwagandha, MCT(extracted from coconut), Pro-biotics, and Phosphorus promote healthy weight gain in growing boys. It is completely safe as it contains no preservatives, gluten, malt, artificial sugars, or flavouring.

Healthy Weight Gain


Bone Strength


Reduced Fatigue



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Product Details

What makes Gritzo SuperMilk Weight+ the best option for 13+ yr Boys?

Every child is unique and to fulfill their daily nutritional requirement Gritzo SuperMilk provides optimal nutrition according to age, gender, and special needs. Optimized with protein and 21 essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. It also contains ingredients like Ashwagandha, MCT(extracted from coconut), Pro-biotics to boost healthy weight in teenage year boys.

Backed By Science

Children of different ages, gender, and special needs require different levels of nutrition. Gritzo SuperMilk provides optimal nutrition according to age, gender, and special needs. It is scientifically formulated, crafted after extensive research, and has undergone strict quality checks.

All-Natural Yet Delicious

Gritzo SuperMilk Weight+ is deliciously crafted with 100% natural double chocolate flavour. The sweetness is derived from unrefined cane sugar which contains the goodness of sugarcane. SuperMilk is free of any artificial colours, flavours, or refined sugar content. It is 100% vegetarian.

Ingredients Specially Added for Healthy Weight Gain


A weak gut and digestion are the main causes of inefficient metabolism. Ashwagandha is a natural herb that improves digestion and cures gut bacteria for significant function. Ashwagandha helps maintain healthy weight and overall muscle mass.


Probiotics support helpful bacteria and other organisms in the gut. They help maintain a healthy gut and digestive system. It helps in increasing appetite and also, boosts immunity.


MCT is a coconut-sourced healthy fats for energy and weight management. It is a particular type of beneficial fat that requires minimal action from the liver to convert directly into energy.


Children who don’t have enough phosphorus in their bodies may experience poor growth patterns. This essential mineral is the key source of energy in the human body and it supports growth and bone development.

Milk Whey Protein: The Superior Protein for Boys

Gritzo SuperMilk is made from whey protein which is extracted from cow’s milk. It contains all essential amino acids required for growth that the body doesn’t produce naturally. It is the most popular fast-absorbing protein. Cow’s milk constitutes 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein. It has a PDCAA (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid) score of 1.0 which is the highest score for a vegetarian protein source. Whey protein is considered to be absolutely safe for your child. It is a water-soluble milk protein, which is easy to digest and 100% vegetarian.

Gritzo SuperMilk Weight+ For 13+ Yr Boy

Teenage boys need all the nutritional support that they can get in order to stay active. Height and weight are determining factors for a healthy metabolic rate. Gritzo SuperMilk 13+ is a personalized nutrition drink for teenage boys which takes into account their daily required intake for various nutrients.

If you are looking for safe teen or baby health drinks and supplements to add to your teenager’s diet, Gritzo SuperMilk Height and Weight Gain products are ideal for you.

Why Gritzo Supermilk 13+ is The Healthiest Nutrition Drink For Teenage Boys

Every Gritzo SuperMilk review is a testimony to the efficacy and safety of the product. It is formulated scientifically to give your child the most reliable source of nutrition that can be used on a daily basis without any harmful effects.

Gritzo SuperMilk nutrition drink for teenage boys is made with high-quality ingredients and is loaded with features that make it one of the healthiest weight gain supplements:

  • Protein from premium quality milk: Every serving of Supermilk Gritzo contains 11g of high-quality whey protein. It contains all the essential amino acids with a high PCDAA score which makes them easy to absorb. This improves the rate of healthy weight gain while ensuring a concentrated source to fulfil the daily protein requirement which is about 45g for teenage boys.
  • Enhanced calcium absorption: Gritzo SuperMilk chocolate drink contains a combination of Vitamin D3 and calcium. This combination improves the absorption of calcium in the bones and also improves the retention of this nutrient making Gritzo one of the best drinks for your child. This nutrition drink for teenage boys also has long-lasting effects on the strength of the bones.
  • Carefully calculated Vitamin and Mineral composition: The micronutrient requirement for teenage boys and girls is very different. Gritzo SuperMilk 13+ contains the right quantity of nutrients, including specific ones like phosphorous that are vital for healthy weight gain in teenage boys. The carefully calculated dosage prevents nutritional deficiencies and also ensures that there is no overconsumption of these nutrients either.
  • Personalized ingredients for healthy weight gain: SuperMilk Gritzo includes beneficial ingredients like Ashwagandha and MCTs that speed up weight gain in teenage boys.
  • No unwanted additives: Just like all the products by Gritzo such as Gritzo multivitamin gummies, this weight gain supplement is also free from gluten, transfats, preservatives, artificial colours, soy or any other harmful additives. Even the rich chocolate flavour is derived from 100% natural chocolate.
  • No refined sugar: The delicious taste of Supermilk Gritzo nutrition drink for teenage boys comes with unrefined cane sugar. This makes it a healthy supplement that can be added to the daily diet of your child without any negative effects on health and well-being.

Benefits of Gritzo SuperMilk 13+ nutrition drink for teenage boys

Gritzo Supermilk Chocolate weight gainer provides various health benefits:

  • Lean muscle development: The top quality, easy-to-absorb proteins in this supplement for your kids enable lean muscle development. They also help in faster recovery of muscles to help your child maintain high levels of physical activity without any stiffness or soreness in the muscles.
  • Better immune response: Keep your child free from common health issues by optimizing his nutrition. The vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients in Gritzo SuperMilk Weight+ 13+ Yr Boys act as powerful antioxidants. This prevents any free radical damage and even helps in maintaining the health of the immune system.
  • Enhanced metabolic function: The foundation for healthy metabolism is good nutrition. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients help boost various biochemical reactions in the body and also improve enzyme and hormone function. This enhances the metabolic function of the body and promotes health.
  • Higher levels of energy: When your child’s diet is balanced and full of nutrients, the energy level is automatically elevated. This means that your child can remain physically active and become stronger from within.

How To Use Gritzo SuperMilk Weight+ For 13+ Yr Boy

To prepare a Gritzo Supermilk 13+ health drink, mix 2-level scoops of the protein powder with 250ml of lukewarm or cold milk. It is important to note that the powder must not be boiled in order to maintain the potency of the ingredients.

When to Use Gritzo SuperMilk Weight+ 13+ Yr Boy

You may use Gritzo Supermilk as a personalized nutrition supplement with any meal during the day. It also serves as a great snack in between meals. The daily recommended dosage for this nutrition drink for teenage boys is one serving of two scoops.

For teenage boys, healthy weight gain is also an important factor in boosting their confidence. Gritzo SuperMilk 13+ helps them achieve a strong and lean physique while providing a host of health benefits to keep your teenager active all day long. So go ahead and make Gritzo a part of your child’s nutrition plan and enjoy the difference it brings.

Buying Guide For Gritzo SuperMilk Weight+ For 13+ Yr Boy

Teenage boys require uncompromised nutritional support for their growing bodies and active lifestyle. But nutritional gaps are common. Between macro and micronutrients, the latter ones typically remain low in daily diet. Ironically, they are the most important for optimal weight gain and growth in teenage boys. Gritzo SuperMilk Weight+ For 13+ Yr Boy is the perfect nutrition drink for teenage boys. Its scientifically backed formula contains premium-quality milk protein. It is further fortified with essential minerals, vitamins and beneficial ingredients like Ashwagandha and MCTs derived from coconuts that promote healthy weight gain in teenage boys.

To buy the product online follow the steps enlisted below:.

  • Visit the brand website
  • Scroll to the ‘Sign-Up’ section.
  • Fill up the requisite form to set up your new Gritzo account.
  • Move to the ‘Shop’ link.
  • Read through the product line-up for the nutrition drink for teenage boys.
  • Pick the product that is age and gender-specific.
  • Read the product description and the product label carefully.
  • Proceed with your purchase by adding Gritzo SuperMilk Weight+ For 13+ Yr Boy to your cart.
  • Choose between with or without a shaker bottle option as per choice.
  • Check out and complete payment formalities.

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Gritzo Supermilk Personalized Protein & Nutrition Drink 13+yrs Boys Weight + OP,  400 g  Double Chocolate
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