What Are The Best Ways To Personalize Your Child's Nutrition?

What Are The Best Ways To Personalize Your Child's Nutrition?
10 May, 2022
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What are healthy foods for children?

The answer to this question comes in many forms, like:

  • Nutritious food,
  • Food free from any harmful chemicals,
  • Fresh food,
  • Food rich in Protein,
  • Easily digestible food, and so on.

As a parent, your job to provide the best nutrition to your child becomes difficult because there is no one simple solution to finding out what’s the right fit for your child.

But hold that thought. 

Because the key to finding the solution is not to look for a general answer. Instead, look for Personalized Nutrition for your child.

Yes, Personalized. The nutrition which is best for your child is based on various factors that are unique to your child. 


What is Personalized Nutrition For Children?


Personalized Nutrition


Children at every age are in a stage of growth and development. And each phase in itself requires different kinds of nutritious food to ensure overall growth and development. Now add to this their gender, the changes in their activity levels as they are growing, their food habits, their lifestyle, their current health, future health goal, future dream, and so on. 


In simple words, children need the kind of nutrition that helps them:

  • in the overall development
  • strengthens their immune system
  • improve their overall health, and 
  • also equips them with the ability to be good at what they aim to become in their life.


Personalized Nutrition would mean giving your child a healthy diet based on what nutrition your child needs after considering all these factors.


Personalization Based on Activity Level


Personalized Nutrition Based on Activity Level


The activity levels of children differ in different age groups. In addition, gender also plays a part in deciding the activity levels of a child.


But that’s not it.


Activity levels also differ based on your child’s interests and lifestyle. The activity levels of a child playing an outdoor sport regularly will be different from a child who spends their time playing indoor games, music, or arts. 


Children who exercise regularly will have different activity levels than those who do not exercise. In addition, if you are a parent who asks your child to contribute to daily chores then their activity level would be different than the children who do not participate in daily chores. 


To ensure the right nutrition for your child, you can assess your child’s activity level and choose the right (personalized) nutrition for them accordingly.


Personalization Based on Eating Habits/Patterns


Personalization Based on Eating Habits


Does your child like to eat chips, cookies, and other tasty snacks more than their regular lunch or dinner? 


Does your child eat a lot of outside or street food? 


OR, Does your child have a fixed eating schedule?

Each of these scenarios leads to a different nutrition intake for the child. For example, a child who eats outside food a lot is likely to have a high intake of carbs and fat. In such cases, a more timely eating schedule with nutrition-rich food is required.


On the other hand, if your child is a fussy eater, then foods that are tasty and rich in essential nutrients need to be added to the child’s diet.


Personalization Based on Your Child’s Energy Levels


Personalized Nutrition Based on Energy Level


If your child just can’t sit peacefully for 5 seconds in one place, their nutritional needs are very different from a child who hardly does much physical activity. 


Similarly, a child who starts to feel tired by evening will have different nutritional needs than a child with full energy.


Personalization Based on Blood Test Report


Personalized Nutrition Based on Blood Test Report


Through blood tests, you can find levels of various nutrients, sugar levels, and different metabolism levels of the body. 


Following are different nutritional interpretations that can be made through a blood test:

  • Protein Metabolism Level
  • Level of Protein Intake
  • Vitamin B6 Deficiency
  • Fatty Liver state
  • Protein synthesis level in liver
  • Skeleton Muscle Level Parameter
  • Energy Reserves Parameter
  • Steroid-Hormone Metabolism Parameter
  • Zinc Sufficiency Parameter
  • Protein Synthesis Parameter
  • Anemia Parameter
  • Iron Levels
  • Cell Membrane condition
  • Vitamin B3 Deficiency
  • Vitamin B-complex Deficiency
  • Lipid Metabolism Parameter
  • Skeletal Muscle Volume


Based on the resultant and ideal values of the above parameters, you can personalize your child’s nutrition to ensure overall growth and development.


Personalization Based on Daily Lifestyle of Your Child


Personalized Nutrition Based on Lifestyle


Your child’s daily lifestyle also influences their nutritional needs. 


If your child spends a lot of time in front of electronic equipment - then they are likely to need more Vitamin C, E, Zinc, and omega fatty acids for better health of the eyes.


On the other hand, if your child has an active lifestyle, then a carb-rich balanced diet with other nutritious food may be best suited. Because your child would require all kinds of nutrients along with water to gain the energy back.


Personalization Based on Gritzo SuperMilk


Another way to personalize your child’s nutrition is to choose the best-suited Gritzo SuperMilk variant for your child.


Among all the ways discussed above, this is the easiest way to Personalize your child’s nutrition.


Gritzo Personalized Engine


All you have to do is enter some basic details about your child in our AI-enabled Gritzo Personalized Engine. The whole process hardly takes about 5 minutes. And at the end of it, you are recommended a best-suited Gritzo SuperMilk variant for your child. The recommendation is given based on the information you share about your child, which makes each recommendation unique and personalized for each child. 



Personalizing your child’s nutrition is the need of today’s time to ensure your child gets the right growth. It also helps them get ready for the world they would grow into.


Personalized Nutrition For Children


You now know about different ways of personalizing your child’s nutrition. But there’s no one best way to do it. You can use 2-3 different methods from the above list and personalize your child’s nutrition accordingly. 


Using more than one method would ensure you are covering more bases and adopting a holistic approach. 

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