Top 5 Tips and Tricks to minimize the effects of pollution on your child - By Sai Kripa Aravind, Nutritionist

Top 5 Tips and Tricks to minimize the effects of pollution on your child - By Sai Kripa Aravind, Nutritionist
11 Nov, 2022
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The air quality is diminishing across the country and poses serious health effects in children. It is reported that due to air pollution, children are more likely to develop conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems.


Here are tips to mitigate the impact of pollution on our children for a better tomorrow:


1. Educate Children



It is vital that we raise a conscious future and teach children about the causes and impact of pollution from a young age. Educating children about conserving fuel, using public transport, preferring walking over short distances, or using a cycle to commute within the locality can bring a positive future outcome. As a responsible community, we can ensure to reduce the number of firecrackers to avoid air pollution effects.


2. Grow indoor plants



A family of 5 requires to be surrounded by 40 trees for healthy air quality. With urbanization, we see buildings get erected in places of trees that further diminish the quality of the air we breathe and may cause diseases. To tackle the issue at home, air-purifying plants can be grown indoors to improve the quality of the air children breathe and to reduce the harmful effects of air pollution.


3. Wash your fruits and vegetables



Pollution is of different types and one of which is food pollution. It is the presence of biological or chemical residues in food. Excess exposure to food pollutants can result in hormonal or metabolic problems and food poisoning. A thorough wash of grains, fruits, and vegetables is recommended before consumption to minimize the effect of pesticide residues in food.


4. Wear a mask



Particulate matter lesser than 2.5 impacts the lungs. Wearing N95 masks can reduce the effect of air pollutants on the lungs by preventing their entry.


5. Eat a balanced, seasonal, and organic diet



Pollution lowers immunity in children, thus it is essential to include a wide variety of nutritious and wholesome food in the diets of children to build and boost their developing immunity. It is also essential to minimize the effects of pollution on their health. Choosing organic, no GMO (Genetically modified organisms) and farm-grown produce are beneficial as chemical residues are lower. Include wide ranges of grains and pulses, 5 varieties of vegetables, and 2 seasonal fruits daily to meet their nutritional demands.


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