Things To Remember About Your Child's Summer Nutrition Needs - By Dr. Vijaya Dutta

Things To Remember About Your Child's Summer Nutrition Needs - By Dr. Vijaya Dutta
29 Jun, 2022
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With scorching heat-draining energy, your child needs extra care to cope well with the heat waves. Yes, it is normal to have fewer hunger pangs during summers. But healthy food is essential for your child's growth and development. 

Keep reading to find out the nutrition requirements of your children in summer and how you can provide the right combination of nutrition to them.

Go for light options 


Light Food Options


In summer, your body automatically craves light food items that are easy to digest. It is a perfect time to choose healthy seasonal vegetables and fruit that are juicy and nutritious with high water content. You can include a mix of the following items-

  • Mangoes
  • Bottle gourds
  • Cucumber
  • Watermelons
  • Grapes
  • Tomatoes
  • Cantaloupe melon (“kharbuja”)
  • Pineapple
  • Berries


Increase Water Intake


Increase Water Intake


Summer vacation allows playing outdoor games but also makes your child susceptible to dehydration.

  • Ask them to carry a water bottle whenever they leave the house.
  • Add lemon or mint leaves to water for extra flavor. 
  • Give them coconut water, vegetable soup, or limeade. 
  • Avoid giving carbonated drinks because they are harmful to health. 


Alter Menu Frequently


Don't force to eat


Following a similar menu can be boring for you and your child. Choose whole grains such as oats, cheela, daliya, brown rice sauteed with seasonal vegetables, lemon rice, and poha. Keep a variation in the menu so that your child enjoys the food.


Let Your Child Play


Let Your Child Play


Letting your children play will make them hungry and eat better. But make sure you avoid sending them for outdoor games during the peak hours, i.e., 12 am to 4 pm, as there would be a risk of heat stroke.


Have A Routine




The summer holidays might disrupt your child's routine. Give your child the first meal within 1 hour of getting up. Instead of overloading your child with heavy meals, have a habit of 3 main meals and 1 to 3 light and healthy snacks. Provide a balanced diet to your child- half the plate should include fruits and vegetables, and the other half should consist of protein and grains.


Adapt Personalized Nutrition


Personalized Nutrition


Every child is unique and so are their nutritional needs. Considering your child’s nutrition as per their age, gender and health goal is called personalized nutrition.

As a parent, it is normal to worry about your child's nutrition when they are not eating well. But here is a healthy yet delicious option for your child. Gritzo offers personalized health drinks for your child’s health needs to fulfill their complete nutritional gap as per their unique goals. If you are wondering which drink you should choose, find out which personalized nutrition drink is right for your child. 


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