The ultimate guide to personalized nutrition for your child

The ultimate guide to personalized nutrition for your child
23 Dec, 2021
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The pandemic has made our already frenzied lives all the more chaotic. Somewhere between managing work and domestic chores, and fulfilling other familial responsibilities, it has been a challenge to spend quality time together as a family, even though we have been at our home all day. This is exactly why I always look forward to the dinner table conversations which give us many moments to cherish. The other day, my 6-year-old amazed me when she asked me a question I was least expecting.

“What is a simile, Mom?”, she asked with a curious gaze. 

I realized that she had heard the term a few weeks ago during one of my creative writing classes.  I tried explaining the concept to her in simple terms giving an example.

“Renee eats like a bird. That's a simile”, I responded light-heartedly to pull her leg.

“Oh understood! Mumma eats like a big, big giant whale. That's a simile”, she immediately shot back roasting me and leading to both of us guffawing together.

Trust children to leave us speechless with their retorts!

While the exchange between us was done in jest, my daughter was aware that I was trying to hint at her eating ‘less’ as her weight concerns me at times. She has always been on the leaner side and I have honestly never really bothered about it. I fully understand that a lean child is not an unhealthy child. She is active, alert, creative and has been achieving all her milestones as expected. However, as she is growing older, I do realize that her BMI is low. She is a tall kid for her age and I feel that her diet and other activities should promote healthy and natural weight gain as well as physical strength in her, among other things.

Though I have been trying my best to provide a balanced diet to my child, I have always felt that there is something more that is needed in my approach. Also, adding to it the confusion from information overload, it becomes tougher to figure out what else can be done to meet her needs. But when a friend recommended Gritzo SuperMilk, it seemed to be the fitting missing piece that I had been looking for, as it is based on the concept of personalized nutrition.

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‘Every child is different’ – How many times have we heard or said this statement as parents? While we acknowledge this fact in various areas of a child’s growth like academics, creative pursuits, or motor skills, when it comes to nutrition, we tend to have a standardized approach. It is important to give a wholesome and balanced diet to kids during their growing years but at the same time, individual requirements of nutrients for a child would certainly be different due to several factors such as age, mental agility, energy levels, height, and weight. 

When I visited the Gritzo website, my initial intention was simply to explore and understand what it was all about. I was quite amazed that there is a personalized health drink available in the market! As I keyed in my daughter’s details like height, weight, personality traits, and a lot more parameters which I could not have even thought about, I was impressed by the way the entire process has been designed to ensure that the experience is ‘personalized’ to the hilt. Once I had shared all that was asked of me, I was sent a report immediately on her BMI and was also recommended a health drink suitable for her. The very fact that a brand considered that nutrition should be individualized made me want to try it out instinctively.

The Gritzo SuperMilk (Natural Double Chocolate) for age range 4-7 years is a whey-based nutrition drink which is a specialized blend of essential protein, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and DHA to enhance the growth and brain development of the growing active kids of this age, supporting optimal physical activity. What I love is that this product is made with easy-to-digest whey protein from milk and gets absorbed fast into the system. It is a 100% vegetarian drink and it provides all the essential amino acids to the body in sufficient quantities. Vitamin D is a vital nutrient, all the more at this age as it is required to work in conjunction with Calcium for strong bones. My daughter’s pediatrician did mention to us that Vitamin D deficiency is common among kids these days and hence, I feel 100% RDA of Vitamin D3 is a key USP of SuperMilk. Furthermore, SuperMilk is also crafted to work equally well on the minds of kids as much as their bodies. Added DHA in it is very beneficial for brain development in younger children.

Keeping in mind my child’s needs, I encourage her to indulge in activities like tug-of-war, dancing, skipping, and cycling to build her muscle and core strength. Her school also has regular yoga and aerobics classes which help with this. As a part of her regular diet, I offer her foods rich in starch and proteins, nuts, dry fruits, and fruits like bananas. She relishes the taste of ghee and devours it generously. Gritzo SuperMilk is now a part of this list too and I am looking forward to seeing how its regular intake benefits my child in the long run. This is a pioneering concept and as a parent, I feel quite assured as it has also recently won the Clean Label Purity award for superior product quality and safety in the right direction when it comes to nutrition and growth. When every child is unique, why should nutrition be common to all?

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