5 Most Interesting Summer Activities To Do For Your Child

5 Most Interesting Summer Activities To Do For Your Child
23 Jun, 2022
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Bored in the house, and I'm in the house bored - Is this the only anthem your child has been piping?

Then it's time for you to think out of the box.

Summer is a time for the child to enjoy. And it is also the best time for you to inculcate your child in some productive activities that would also be fun for them.

That's why we have made a list 5 amazing activities from which you can choose and implement with your child.


Get creative with art and craft


Art & Craft


Open the closet and bring out those glitter pens, brushes, and scissors. Art and craft activities are like fodder for the creative mind. So encourage your child to get their out-of-the-box artsy ideas out on paper.


You can help by teaching contemporary art forms like brush or blow painting and paper quilling to help them create their DIY projects. You can also enroll them in creative classes or look up crafty ideas for children on YouTube and spend some quality time with your child!


Start a Photo Diary


Photo Diary


Give a camera to your child for some time and ask them to click some pictures. And then, at the end of the day, make them select a few best pictures out of those to make their Daily Photo Diary. Also, make sure to tell them that only those photos can go to the diary which has something new or different than what has already made it to the diary.


This activity will let your child explore many things. And also learn to observe different moments and things they would ignore otherwise. This activity is really exciting, full of learning opportunities and a great way to create some awesome childhood memories as well.


Learning Self Defense


Learning Self Defense


In today's time, the importance of self-defense skills is increasing. It has become more than an optional life skill. And it is both fun and endearing to learn. 


You can choose from mainstream defense methods like Karate or Kung Fu or opt for more contemporary methods like Taekwondo and Judo. There are many lessons and benefits your child can have from learning defense skills.


Teach Them About Money


Teach Them About Money


Understanding finances and managing them is a crucial skill in adult life. And Summertime is the perfect opportunity for you to start instilling this skill in your child. 


You can start by fixing a monthly amount for them to spend and challenging them to save a certain percentage of it. In addition, you can also involve them in family financial decisions.


When your child buys into the idea of saving and spending based on different factors, their complaining about not getting something will also stop. Instead, they will build an understanding of why we have to say no to certain things sometimes to save for something else.


A Reading Marathon


Reading Marathon


Reading is a wonderful habit to develop in your child. Based on your child's age, you can build them a small library of books they'll be interested in reading. 


If your child enjoys a certain genre of reading, then apart from giving books of that genre, you can also encourage them to try any other genre as well. 


Reading develops the imagination and creativity of children. And it also becomes a door for abundant learning and experience. If your child is reluctant to read, you can encourage them by associating a reward with reading. 


Learning never stops in our lives. Reading is one such habit that will help your child understand this and enjoy it along the way.



As you introduce your child to different activities, their nutrition needs change accordingly. That's why it is recommended to give your child the nutrition they need as per how much physical and mental energy they are required to put into those activities. 


Ideally, your child will need something personalized to achieve their health goals and remain energetic in the summers.


Give them the benefit of personalized nutrition in a single drink with Gritzo SuperMilk! It is loaded with nutrients like Vitamin D3, Iron, Calcium, Protein, Zinc, etc. The personalized nutrition approach will help keep your child creative and energetic for their activities, along with getting better at it every day!

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