Lalitha's conversation with her friends about Personalized & Conventional Nutritional Approaches

Lalitha's conversation with her friends about Personalized & Conventional Nutritional Approaches
30 Dec, 2021
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I meet up with my gang of girls once every two weeks. The four of us share stories, gossip, and tips. Today, Sangeetha showed off the new dress that she had ordered online.

“This is so cool. All of us should get one just like this!”

“Do they even stock this dress in plus size?” Maya wailed. 

There was only one way to find out! When we visited the site, we were thrilled. The retailers stated that they could customize according to our size requirements. We ordered the dresses with great enthusiasm.

“How are the kids?” I asked Tanya. She has two children- a son and a daughter. They are like chalk and cheese.

“Don’t get me started! Rishi has too much energy and Riya none. I worry about them. 

Rishi is now into all kinds of sports classes. I don’t even know if I am feeding him the right kind of food. And Riya? Whatever I feed her, she doesn’t seem to gain any weight at all. For her, I even looked to get protein powder for girls, but I didn’t find any. They say mothers know the best, but it’s just too much pressure!”

Maya chimed in.

“My mother-in-law keeps asking me to feed my daughter milk. She doesn’t even like milk. She is such a picky eater.”

Sangeetha nodded her head.

“I feed my kids a traditional balanced diet. But sadly, they still can’t gain height or weight. I am so busy with work that I can’t keep a tab on what they eat. All I can do is cook a conventional meal that I think is good for them. But it doesn’t seem to be working! They seem to fall sick at the drop of a hat!”

My friends turned to me, expecting me to join in and share my woes.

“Girls, traditional diets don’t work anymore-in these times what you need is a lifestyle change. It’s quite simple. Just like how we personalized our dresses, we need to customize each child’s diet too! What our children need is personalized nutrition!”

“Personalized nutrition? What is that? And why not traditional?” The three of them chimed together.

Personalized nutrition

“Every child is unique. Their bodies and needs are different. Some of them are very active, while others gain weight easily.  They do different things at their own pace. It’s no longer a 'one size fits for all' approach- and that’s why traditional diets don’t work anymore. As parents, we want to make the best choices for our children. But remember, the best choice for one child may not be the same for another.

Personalized diets, unlike traditional, are unique to each individual. Personalized nutrition ensures that each child fulfils their requirement of the essential building blocks of the body by considering factors that are specific to the individual, something that traditional does not consider.”

My friends looked at each other curiously. I could hear the gears churning in their heads.

“Guess who can help us? Gritzo SuperMilk! At Gritzo, they have a team of nutritionists who can do an assessment of each child and come up with individual plans. They optimize nutrition needs according to age, gender, and requirement. Gritzo SuperMilk is a nutritional drink that comes loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that assist in growth and development and is superior to a traditional diet.”

“But what about the ingredients?” 

Tanya is a big advocate of clean eating. When she goes shopping for groceries, the first thing she looks at is the ingredient list.

“This product has no refined sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colours, flavours, or gluten!”

“Did you say that this product has protein?” inquired Maya.

“A protein powder for girls, Wow!” Tanya was jubilant.

“Do you know that the Indian traditional diet lacks protein? Gritzo products are enriched with whey protein for kids to help with the growing requirements of each of our little champs. Whey protein is safe and in fact the richest protein for a vegetarian.  Clean eating, personalized, and brought to your dining tables!”

“Wow, this sounds amazing! But how does it taste?”

“They have different variants in natural double chocolate flavour, making it very tasty and easy to gulp down!”

“We can’t wait to order!”

“Check this and more on their website Just a click away!”

“So does your daughter like Gritzo? She is quite tall for her age.”

“She doesn’t just like it…she loves it! She went from ‘Why, Mom?’ to ‘Wow, Mom!’” in no time! Hey, listen…”

My friends were too engrossed clicking on the website.

Just like nutrition, even personalized advice is highly valued!


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