Is Personalised Nutrition Better And More Effective for Your Child

Is Personalised Nutrition Better And More Effective for Your Child
23 Dec, 2021
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Every child is unique, and so is parenting. As parents, we need to ensure tailor-made nurturing that meets the child's emotional and mental needs. We leave no stone unturned to raise a happy child. However, we usually forget that each body is unique, and every child has different nutrition requirements during various phases of growth. In short, we neglect the most critical aspect of parenting, i.e., 'Personalised Nutrition.'

What Is Personalised Nutrition?

Personalised Nutrition for child

Personalised Nutrition is optimised to one's age, gender, and personal health requirement. It's an idea that caters for Nutrition following the specific health requirements of an individual depending on their body type, physical activity, mental endeavours, and behavioural lifestyle variance. Personalised Nutrition is precise for a child, whether they are toddlers or teenagers.

How to Ensure Personalised Nutrition for your Child?

Personalised Nutrition Drink

We largely depend on search engines for everything, but do you know that there is a personalised search engine by Gritzo that offers a customised range of nutrition products for children. One can know how to include the right health drinks to balance their child's diet and fulfil the nutrients required. Gritzo SuperMilk is India's first Personalised Nutrition Drink that caters to your child's specific physical and mental growth needs made with the science-backed personalised formulation.

My daughter doesn't indulge in physical activities and is inclined towards academics. Hence, she needs more omega-3 and amino acids but fewer carbohydrates with a balanced protein intake. A conventional malt based health drink that we all grew up may not be suitable for her. While she is mostly stationed at her desk, a regular health drink loaded with sugar & preservatives may cause unwanted weight gain.

Hence, I went to and the AI engine recommended Gritzo 13+ Year Girls Super Milk Genius for my daughter. What makes it even more special is that it is made of quality whey protein to fulfil the protein gap. Just a glass of Gritzo mixed i milk fulfil 25% of my child’s daily protein requirement. It also includes ingredients like Brahmi, Shankpushpi and DHA which are trusted ingredients known for mental growth and development. In today’s time the world is moving towards natural and preservative free food. For my daughter, Gritzo too is completely safe without any artificial ingredients.

While my daughter's constant mental exercise adds to fatigue, less physical activities reduce her immunity. My concerns are precisely addressed through the drink. She has been having it for over 2 months and I can observe visible improvements in her concentration levels. An easy preparation also makes it handy to compliment her breakfast or evening snacks.

Is Protein Not Required for Children?

child's nutrition

When I started with Gritzo SuperMilk, fellow mothers questioned me about the inclusion of whey protein since it is believed that whey protein is not healthy for children. Also, many myths are rife about including whey protein in your child's diet. However, it's all farce. Whey protein is not limited to gym goers or muscle builders. Most children in India are protein deficient since we believe that protein is not required for children. Nevertheless, every child needs protein according to his or her stage of growth. Gritzo SuperMilk fulfils 25% of your child's requirements of protein necessary for growth, development, recovery, and strength.

Personalised Nutrition Vs Conventional Nutrition Approaches

A conventional nutrition approach includes regular balanced nutrition that we as parents may choose to include through diets or health drinks. However, as a mother, you know better about your child's nutrition requirements than anyone else. Depending on whether your child needs healthy weight gain, increased height, boosted energy, wholesome nutrition, or simply a sharpened mind, you may choose a personalised nutrition plan from Gritzo's wide range of health drinks. 

You should not rely on the same health drink for your two children aged 7 and 13 since their health requisites vary according to age, gender, and level of physical activity. Instead, choose from the wide range of health drinks by Gritzo and ensure precise Nutrition for your child.

In today's competitive world, customised parenting is the need of the hour, and so is nutrition. However, personalised Nutrition ensures that your efforts to raise your child are supported well, and your child grows into a healthy human being!


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