How did Summi Find Personalized Nutrition as the Best supporter of her Child's Dreams?

How did Summi Find Personalized Nutrition as the Best supporter of her Child's Dreams?
30 Dec, 2021
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Parenting is undoubtedly difficult and ‘every child is different’ is an age-old saying I have grown up with. Which is why I was not surprised to end up with two boys who are poles apart, one wanting to be a scientist and the other a football star!

How do you support these two completely different individuals with their unique dreams?

As a mother, the complete growth & development of my children have always been my priority. And I have always wanted to give my children the best of everything so they are better prepared for the future, both mentally and physically. With education taken care of, nutrition became my prime focus. I do give them a balanced diet, but like I mentioned earlier, both of them have different needs and goals which require different approaches. So, I had to look for a more customized solution to this problem. I was in search of a solution which provides child growth & development in a more customized manner to support both my boys in their overall growth. And help them achieve their dreams.

One of my friends recommended Gritzo to me. She mentioned terms like personalized nutrition for kids. Honestly, I was clueless that such a thing existed.

protein for kids

Whenever I get recommendations, I immediately turn to my trusted  advisor. ‘Who?’- you may ask. My mom? No. My Mil? nope. My husband? Definitely not. He is the third child, so no help there!

My mom and mother-in-law l have been of great help, mind you. But, home remedies are not the answer anymore. Once upon a time, homemade traditional methods like turmeric milk worked like magic, but in today’s times, neither the milk nor the turmeric are reliable in terms of their purity. And, I simply can’t think of running around my boys with a glass of bland tasting liquid and expecting them to gulp it down on a daily basis! Just thinking about it is tiring, and near to impossible. So, I turn to the modern day Guruji.

Google off course!

Here’s where I learnt that personalized nutritional drinks are a thing! This got me curious and I continued my research until I stumbled upon Gritzo., and read reviews and testimonials by mothers whose lives had changed since they started feeding their kids this unique nutritional drink.

On the website, I had to simply answer a few questions about my child’s  height, weight, diet and his hobbies, and based on the answers, I was suggested the Gritzo SuperMilk Athlete variant for him. It has vitamin B12, Magnesium, Zinc, MCT oil and many other nutrients which support and boost energy levels. It sounded perfect for my younger son, the future football star! A mother can dream, can she not? And, another set of questions gave me the answer to my older son’s needs: Gritzo SuperMilk Genius, which has DHA, Brahmi, Ashwagandha and many more nutrients which help in brain development.

Gritzo has now become an integral part of my children’s lives. It is a go-to solution for the complete growth & development of children. As it provides them with essential nutrients & targets their specific needs.

The best part is that it’s a whey-based drink and completely vegetarian. When I visited the website, I was a doubtful, confused and skeptical mom,but after reading enough about the drink, I knew it was ideal for my children. 

Gritzo is like finding an Aladdin’s lamp. The website reminds me of the Genie, stating…. “Your wish is my command.” Give it a try and you will be amazed.

As a mom, I believe I have given my children the key to support their dreams. I would suggest that all mothers visit the website and help fulfill their children’s dreams too!

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