Bharat Nutrition Week: Why Personalized Nutrition is key to boost your child’s growth?

Bharat Nutrition Week: Why Personalized Nutrition is key to boost your child’s growth?
06 Sep, 2022
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Do you often worry about your child’s growth?

Of course, you do! But we all know how difficult it is to get children to eat something healthy. The taste rules our food choices. And not getting the right nutrition can hamper your child’s growth.

Although another key aspect to pay attention to is that we often assume what’s healthy for our children. The approach of ‘one size fits all’ often determines what should be given to children. But you’ll be surprised to know that more often that’s not the right choice. 


Stunted Growth


Stunted Growth


As the child grows older the complexity of their nutritional requirements increases. They need a wider variety of nutrition in different amounts. Yet in most houses, children get more or less similar types of food irrespective of age or gender.

This usually contributes to children getting less of some nutrition which they required more, and more of certain nutrition which they required less. Such imbalance of nutritional intake if goes for a longer period, hampers the natural growth of the child.

The growth can get affected on both mental and physical levels. Although after the age of 7, the effect is completely on physical growth.


What is Personalized Nutrition?


What is Personalized Nutrition?


Instead of following the ‘One size fits all’ approach, Personalized Nutrition identifies that each child is unique. It is the nutrition approach in which a child’s nutritional needs are determined by various factors such as age, gender, current activity levels, and future aspirations. 


Because the nutrition children take today does not only help them to meet their growth requirements but also enables them to pursue their dreams. Especially in today’s time when children are exposed to many complex things early in their life. And their lifestyle is also far more different and dynamic than what we had while growing up. 


Thus, it is imperative to look at your child’s nutritional needs much more deeply and understand what nutrients are required by your child.


How Personalized Nutrition Can Help To Boost Growth of Your Child?


Personalized Nutrition helps to boost growth


When you start to approach your child’s nutrition in a more personalized manner, the questions you ask yourself will change.


You will look at different aspects of your child’s growth like their weight, height, physical and mental energy levels more closely. 


  • What are the right nutrients your child needs for maintaining a healthy weight?


  • What are the nutrients your child needs to help in increasing height?


  • What is the right composition of nutrients your child needs to help sharpen their brain power?


  • What is the right composition of those nutrients?


  • What nutrients in what amount are necessary for your child as per their age and gender?


The above questions are examples of how you will approach as you take on the route of personalized nutrition.


This approach will help you gain complete clarity on what and how much nutrition your child needs. And also help to eliminate any guesswork or assumptions that you might have about what’s working for your child’s growth and what’s not.


Gritzo SuperMilk


We know this sounds a bit complex. But you don’t have to worry. Because getting started on this journey is fairly easy. Gritzo SuperMilk helps you personalize your child’s nutrition as per age, gender and need. 


It is a whey protein-based milk drink for children of 4 years and above. And it is customized to meet the nutritional requirements of your child as per their age, gender and need. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. In addition, it contains personalized ingredients like Prebiotics, Ashwagandha, Amla, Turmeric, Cranberry, Iron, Zinc, Biotin, etc., as per the nutritional requirements.

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