Bharat Nutrition Week: Tips to develop healthy eating habits in Children. - By Sai Kripa Aravind, Nutritionist

Bharat Nutrition Week: Tips to develop healthy eating habits in Children. - By Sai Kripa Aravind, Nutritionist
06 Sep, 2022
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Meeting the nutrition requirement for children could be challenging especially if they are selective with the food. To establish a strong foundation in childhood I’ll be sharing some tips to encourage your children to develop healthy eating habits. A balanced diet, good sleep, hydration, and exercise are essential to living a healthy life. 


1. Non-fussy parents raise good eaters


Good eaters


Children could be very observant and learn from their surroundings. It is important to keep in mind that you are being watched all the time. Often it is observed in households that foods of the least preference of a parent are not cooked at home so it becomes essential to ensure that your food choices don’t affect theirs. Cook and introduce food that is not preferred by you. 


2. Early Nutritional Education


Early Nutrition Education


Early Nutritional Education for children helps them understand and relate food to health and well-being. It also helps them make conscious food choices once they learn how food affects health. 


3. Shop together and involve in meal preparation


Shopping Together


Involve your child during grocery shopping and meal preparation. Encourage them to pick fruits and vegetables. Also, allow them to explore new foods of their choice. For older children, teach them to read food labels


Involving your child during meal preparation will allow them to select the menu for the day. You can also ask them to experiment with a new dish to foster a positive relationship with food and enhance their experience.


4. Don’t force feed


Don't Force Food


Forcing develops resistance, hence do not force your child to eat. The more you force your child, the more interest they will lose in the food which in turn affects their preference. Patience is the key, don’t give up and keep trying to reintroduce foods in different forms and ways. 


5. Eat together


Eat Together


Eat one meal together as a family. And always ensure to keep away digital distractions such as phones and television during meal times. It will help to develop a positive and healthy relationship with food. Eating together as a family also develops social skills, strengthens the family bond, and increases the child’s desire to eat independently. 


6. Personalized Nutrition


Personalized Nutrition


Nutritional requirements vary based on age, gender, and activity levels of children.  Thus, it is imperative to ensure you are giving your child the food which will give them the nutrition they need. Following a one size fits all approach may deprive your child of necessary nutrition and also it will reflect in their growth and energy levels.

A quicker and smarter way towards personalized nutrition is adding Gritzo SuperMilk to their diet plan. It contains Whey Protein, 21 Essential Vitamins + Minerals with Electrolytes, and Calcium + Vitamin D3. Moreover, it is enriched with personalized ingredients like Iron, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Amal, Cranberry, etc.

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