7 Ways How Personalized Nutrition can help your child's Overall Development

7 Ways How Personalized Nutrition can help your child's Overall Development
28 Apr, 2022
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Just like every parent you must have searched this on google

How to ensure the overall development of my child?

But is there a reliable source for the right nutrition for your child?


Giving proper nutrition and food to your child during each stage of their development is crucial for growth. Yet for a long time, we have been following a One-set-fits-all approach when it comes to food and healthy eating for children.


Role of Nutrition & Food

Nutrition or food is like fuel to our body. What kind and how much nutrition a child needs depends on many factors like a child’s age, gender, activity level, and what’s their health goal. 

For example, a nutrition diet to gain weight would be different from the nutrition required for a sporty child for improving stamina and gaining more energy. 

That’s why it’s time we move from One-set-fits-all nutrition to Personalized Nutrition for children. 




When you follow Personalized Nutrition for your child you will be helping them get all the right nutrients they require in the right amount. And that will ensure their overall development. 


Below are the 7 ways in which Personalized Nutrition can help your child in their overall development.


1. Reduce Junk Significantly


No Junk


Junk food is readily available in today’s time. And to make our job tougher, they are tasty and are advertised glamorously to woo children. But, you can reduce the cravings and intake of junk food significantly in your child with a healthy and balanced diet.

When you adapt Personalized Nutrition, it doesn’t require children to sacrifice taste. Instead, it allows the right nutrition to reach your child’s body, which in effect, reduces cravings and untimely hunger. 


2. Achieve Their Health Goals


Health Goals


Personalized Nutrition would also make it easier for your child to achieve their health goals. 

For example, if your child needs to increase height, then your child’s food and nutrition need to have height gaining elements. But it also needs to take into account your child’s activity level, age, gender, along with any other factors that have a significant effect on your child’s eating habits and health.


3. Help A Fussy Eater To Get A Balanced Diet


If your child is a fussy eater, then Personalized Nutrition would help your child get a balanced diet. Children with fussy eating habits have strong taste and food preferences. In such a case, you can try our Gritzo SuperMilk variants, which are curated based on Personalized Nutrition to help your child get a balanced diet.

Gritzo SuperMilk



The Natural Double Chocolate Flavor ensures great taste. And each variant is personally crafted with proper nutrition as per your child’s needs and specific health goals. 


4. Feel More Energetic And Confident


Confident Child


Proper food and nutrition have enormous benefits on our overall health. That’s why, when you choose Personalized Nutrition for your child, their body gets the right amount of nutrition it needs for overall growth and development. 

As a result, your child feels more energetic and confident about themselves. 


5. Strengthens Your Child's Immunity


Strong Immune System


The immunity levels of each child are different. Every child is unique, and often requires different amounts of various nutrients based on their lifestyle and goals. Getting the right amount of various essential nutrients ensures stronger immunity. 

Personalized Nutrition, by its very nature, ensures that your child gets the nutrition best suited for them. Instead of what is advertised as right, for everyone.


6. Lays A Strong Foundation of a Healthy Lifestyle for your Child’s Adult Life


Healthy Lifestyle


Childhood is the base for adulthood. We all can agree on that, right?

Adapting personalized nutrition for your child will ensure a strong base is laid for them as they grow to become an adult.

In this fast-changing world, it's imperative for the next generation to focus on their health. When they are made aware and habitual of nutritious food while growing up, it paves the way for a healthy lifestyle during adulthood.


7. Prepare Your Child to Pursue their Dreams More Effectively


Pursue Dreams


Whether your child loves playing a sport, dabbles into the unknown of the universe, or plays to the tune of their heart. No matter what your child’s dream is, personalized nutrition is the best way to help them prepare for their journey.


Each field requires a different set of skills, and different activity levels, both physically and mentally. That’s why when you choose personalized nutrition for your child - they get the right food and nutrition during the early stages of their journey. This sets them up to be well equipped for the challenges along the way and achieve their full potential.



Personalized nutrition ensures proper nutritional intake for your child at all stages of growth. It also enables your child to always be at their best. A healthy and nutritious lifestyle based on personalized nutrition while growing up - lays a perfect base to build a life of living their dreams and being happy.


And to make your job easier, we have an AI-enabled Personalized Engine on our website. 


Gritzo Personalized Engine


In this, all you have to do is fill in some details about your child. Like your child’s age, gender, food habits, activity level, health goal, etc. It hardly takes 5 minutes to fill in all the details. And after you are done, our AI-enabled engine recommends a personalized Gritzo SuperMilk variant for your child.


Wait no more! Take out a few minutes for your child and lay a strong foundation for their healthy and successful future. ✌️

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