7 Superfoods to Keep Your Child Warm during Winter

7 Superfoods to Keep Your Child Warm during Winter

As the days start getting colder, most moms start making up their minds to keep their children warm and healthy during these cold days. The most common question moms ask is, what are the best foods to eat when it’s cold? We’re here to answer your questions about winter superfoods and their health benefits.

Check out the List of 7 Superfoods to Keep Your Children Warm during Winter, include them in different recipes, and make them enjoy the season in full swing without getting sick:


1. Ashwagandha

Also known as winter cherry, Ashwagandha boosts the immune system and the body’s defense against diseases. It helps increase the level of antioxidants that promote good health. Taking it regularly can help induce physiological stress responses in the body, decrease fatigue and improve overall mood.

You can add the ashwagandha powder to your child’s milk or make the milk with the ashwagandha roots. And if you find the process tiring and time-consuming, you can add Gritzo SuperMilk to your munchkin’s diet enriched with the goodness of Ashwagandha and various other nutrients.

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 2. Peanuts

Peanuts are an underrated nut as far as their nutrition content is concerned. It is the most nutritious of them all. It is a rich source of protein, omega-3, omega-6, copper, vitamin E, biotin, fiber, folate, and several other nutrients. It can help your child get rid of many diseases. It is the best winter snack to have.

So, if your child does not like to munch it on, you can add Gritzo Peanut Almond Butter made with real peanuts and almonds to your child’s snack time and give them the power of peanuts.

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 3. Amla

Amla is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your child’s body against infections like colds and coughs. It also cures indigestion, removes toxins from the body, and is a great immunity booster. The best way to consume amla is in vegetable juice, in the form of marmalade, as pickles, or raw.

 4. Almonds

Almonds are used in Indian homes for years and are known as the king of dry fruits. Eating almonds in winter can do wonders for your child’s immune system and keeps the body warm. These are also good for their brain, digestion, and eyes. They also help strengthen bones and teeth.

Give soaked almonds to your child every day, add them to their milk, or can add tasty and healthy Gritzo Peanut Almond Butter to their snack times while ensuring that they get the nutrition contained in almonds.

 5. High Protein Food

Protein is the building block of your body. It not only helps build the muscles but boosts metabolism and promotes the growth of cells. It assists your child’s immune system while working as antibodies.

 6. Cranberry

Cranberries are rich in antioxidants like flavonoids, vitamin A, and more which help reduce oxidative stress and strengthen the immune system. ½  a cup of cranberries can fulfill 10% of daily vitamin C for your child, and that’s how they help them fight infections.

 7. Turmeric

Children's immune systems are in the developing stage. The presence of curcumin in turmeric stabilizes the immune system's response to external bodies that attack the system. Its antimicrobial properties help speed up the recovery from illness. It also helps regularize bowel movements and cure indigestion.


Make sure to give your child these superfoods this winter to keep them cozy and their immunity strong enough to cope with the chilled weather. If you are worried about ways to include these foods into your child’s diet, Gritzo SuperMilk and Peanut Almond Butter can be a smart way to do the same. 

Infused with personalized ingredients like Ashwagandha, Amla, Cranberry, Turmeric, and 21 essential vitamins & minerals, Gritzo SuperMilk can be customized as per your child’s age, gender, and health goals. How else can you equip your child with the right amount of nutrition? Another easy-peasy way to keep your child healthy is to include Gritzo Peanut Almond Butter into their diet. It is made with real almonds & peanuts and is loaded with the goodness of calcium, Vitamin D3, and protein. What else does a mother want?



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