6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Child Healthy During Summer

6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Child Healthy During Summer
24 May, 2022
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Is the scorching heat increasing your worry about your child’s health?

During summers the time for playing outside and recreational activities increases. In addition, your child may face energy loss and appetite loss due to increased heat. That’s why extra attention needs to be paid to your child’s health. 

Though in today’s time many children are more interested in spending their time playing video games, surfing the internet, and watching TV. If your child is one of them, then a lack of physical activity can also hamper your child’s health.


Summer Health Worries


Summer Health Worries


Before we dive into the summer health tips for your child - it’s important to understand the health worries during summer. 


1 - Dehydration - Children can face a lack of essential fluids in the body leading to dehydration. 


2 - Sunburn - The burning sun can also cause damage to your child’s skin. They can face inflammation or a strong burning sensation on the skin commonly called sunburn.


3 - Heatstroke - Being outdoors for long periods can lead your child to face exhaustion, laziness, or dizziness due to heat. 


4 - Food Poisoning - Bacterial growth in food increases in summer because of high temperature & humidity.


5 - Rashes - Excessive perspiration can also cause rashes on your child's skin. 


6 - Conjunctivitis - Like bacteria, viruses are also hyperactive during summers. And there’s a high chance that the virus causing “pink eye” may reach your child.


7 - Prickly heat - Underdeveloped sweat glands among children makes them easily prone to prickly heat. 


Now that we have understood some common health concerns for children during summer, it's time to move to the next stage of our discussion.


Summer Health Tips For Children


1 - Limited Sun Exposure


Sun Exposure


To ensure your child does not catch any summer health issues easily, you need to limit their sun time.

Going out in the sun during peak hours needs to be substituted with indoor activities. During summers UV rays are the strongest. So even if your child goes out, do apply some sunscreen on the exposed areas of your child’s body. 

Protection from direct sunlight and UV rays can help prevent sunburn and rashes.


2 - Healthy Food


Healthy Food


Choose foods that are healthy and can help to keep your child’s body temperature cool. Some examples of such foods are buttermilk, curd, watermelon, salads, cucumber, and seasonal fruits.

In addition, limit the outside food as much as possible. Keeping your child away from ice cream or cold drinks may not be possible during summer. In that case, opt for making popsicles from fresh fruit juice at home. Also, try drinks like lemonade and aam panna to keep the heat away from your child.


3 - Drinking Water in Short Duration


Drink Water


While playing or doing any other fun summer activity children often tend to forget about food & water. 


If your child is one of them, then you need to make sure they drink enough water at regular intervals. Even if they are at home you need to ensure there is no compromise on water intake during summer.


4 - Good Sleep Routine


Good Sleep Routine


Sleep is an important part of your child’s physical as well as mental health. In summers children are more active and often want to continue playing late at night during their holidays. You need to ensure that your child is following a good sleep schedule so that they always wake up fresh and can have fun throughout the day.


A good sleep schedule also helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and mood swings. 


5 - Hygiene & Cleanliness


Hygiene & Cleanliness


In summers taking a bath daily is a must. In fact, if your child has a regular outdoor activity then an evening bath is also a good addition to their schedule. 


Regular baths, clean clothes, and no body-odor help to avoid rashes, heat prickles, and other summer-related health issues. 


In addition, you also need to keep the house clean to protect your child from catching any infection or viral cold and cough.


6. Personalized Nutrition with Gritzo SuperMilk


Gritzo Variants


Gritzo SuperMilk is India’s only personalized nutrition drink for children that comes with 3 times more protein resulting in more energy during summer. It also has 21 Essential Vitamins + Minerals with Electrolytes which will ensure your child gets all required nutrients and necessary electrolytes to keep them hydrated.


In addition, it also has personalized ingredients like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Iron, Biotin and more according to your child’s age, gender and goals. These ingredients vary based on the right SuperMilk pack for your child and help them achieve their health goals. 


The best part is that it comes in 100% Natural Double Chocolate Flavor and can be prepared in just a few minutes. All you have to do is put 2oo ml of cold milk in a Gritzo shaker and then add 2 scoops of Gritzo SuperMilk. Shake well and serve. And that’s it, the nutritious, energetic and delicious cool summer drink is ready!




Summer is an ideal time for children to have fun. But for parents, it’s a time to be mindful of their health. A healthy diet, ample water intake, personal hygiene, and a good sleep schedule are important for their good health.


To make your job easier, you can choose a glass of cold milk with Gritzo SuperMilk for your child. This will ensure proper hydration, intake of vital nutrients, and cool body temperature for your child. Giving them instant energy and helping them achieve their health goal.

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