5 things children should avoid during summers

5 things children should avoid during summers
13 Jun, 2022
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Summer is when your child is busy having fun playing different sports and enjoying summer camps. They crave their favorite ice creams, cold drinks, and frozen delights the most. Watching them enjoy their favorite summer treat is a delight. 

But at the same time, you need to ensure their health as well. 


5 Things You Need To Make Sure Your Child Avoids This Summer


1. Help your child Avoid Junk Food


No Junk Food


Due to easy access to unhealthy snacks and the lack of parental supervision, children often follow a poor and unhealthy diet during the summer months. They might ask you to get them more sugary, fatty, and junk foods in the heat. But it could lead to several health problems, including diarrhea, fatty liver or seasonal flu due to low immunity. 


An effective way to beat this habit is by creating a balanced diet chart for your child. Then, switch unhealthy food in your pantry with healthy foods, snacks, fruits and vegetables. Stop using junk food as a 'bribe' and make healthy versions of it.


2. Avoid being in Sweat for long


No Sweat


Is too much sweating and sunburn stopping your child from enjoying his favorite physical activity during summers?


The hot and humid weather is not an encouraging factor for children while playing outside. But not having fun during summer will also spoil their mood and make them cranky!


Take them out and find what they love that doesn't tire them easily. It could be slides and swings in a park, a fluffy dog they love to play with, bike rides, bird-watching, etc. You can find countless interesting activities for your child outside the house as well.


3. Avoid Rich Non-Vegetarian Foods


Rich Non-Veg Food


Non-vegetarian dishes are naturally heavy. And among those, the dishes with rich gravies or oily chicken and fish can add to the body heat for children in summer. Increased body heat will make them sweat more. 


Excessive sweating can cause skin inflammation, rashes or other health issues. Instead, you can give them dishes with leafy greens and fruits to bring their body heat down. Another good option is yogurt, which is rich in protein, aids digestion, improves immunity, and helps cool down the body heat.


Other options which offer a cooling effect to the body are fennel seeds, lemongrass, and Coconut water.


4. Spicy Food: NAY


Say NO To Spicy Food


Spicy food can heat up your child's body, especially during the summer. Children should avoid spicy food as it may cause dehydration or acidity.


Even if they love having spicy food, follow it up with cooling foods like mint, cucumber, coconut water, yogurt, etc. 


5. Say No To Fizz Biz


Say No To Fizz Biz


Carbonated beverages are an instant refreshment option for your child during the heat. But they are also harmful to your child's health. It can put them at risk for obesity and other chronic health problems. That's why it's important to limit their intake of carbonated beverages and replace it with plenty of water and natural juices.


You can also give them Gritzo SuperMilk. It is personalized nutrition enriched with nutrients like 21 Essential Vitamins + Minerals with Electrolytes, 100% RDA D3 + Calcium, Protein, Iron, etc. It also comes with personalized ingredients such as Brahmi, DHA, Ashwagandha, Biotin, Cranberry, Pre & Probiotics, Amla, etc. 


One glass of cold milk (200ml) along with 2 scoops of Gritzo SuperMilk will give your child lots of essential nutrients. And also help them to be hydrated during summers.




Avoiding unhealthy foods and protection from heat is the health mantra for children during summer. And one of the best ways to do this is by adapting the Personalized Nutrition approach for your child. 


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