5 Best Indoor Activities For Children During Monsoon

5 Best Indoor Activities For Children During Monsoon
18 Aug, 2022
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Your child wants to play and have fun, especially during the evening time.

But can you let them be when it's raining outside?


But, just binding them indoors won't cut it. They'll keep doing some sort of random thing or sneak outside to play in the rain. So, the best thing in this situation for you is to keep your child engaged in some fun games indoors. 

There are a lot of things you can do with your child. Or let them do it independently while you take care of your evening routine.


5 Best Indoor Activities During Monsoon for Your Child


1. Freeze Dance


Indoor Activity


This is one of the best activities to do with your child. They can have their friends over, and all of them will burn a lot of energy and have a hell of a lot of fun. 


To start off, put on some music and encourage the children to dance to it. The fun part begins when they have to freeze in the position they are in when the music stops abruptly. It gets more exciting when someone moves during freeze time and is out. 


Continue this till there's only one of them left dancing. 


2. Board Games/Indoor Games


Board Game


The board games are fun to play and will give your child hours of fun time. And not for a moment mistake indoor games to be a dying trend. Besides, some of these games are not just fun but also really good for your child's brain activity, development of their strategic skills, and decision-making. 


One of the best parts about indoor board games is that they are available for all age groups. Games like Monopoly Junior, Ludo, Picture puzzles, Dino Trail Board Game, and Forest Route are some popular ones for children of 4-8 years old.


While games like UNO, Scrabble, Pictionary, Chess, Carrom, and Monopoly are some popular games for children of 9 years and above.


3. Indoor Gardening


Indoor Gardening


Gardening is not limited to the outside. You can help your child plant herbs in jars for indoor gardens on the balcony. 


To make this happen, you will need some clean and empty jars from the kitchen, some mud, a few seeds, and some saplings which can grow under a semi-shed. Even the leftover mint or coriander springs from the kitchen will do. 


Help your child cleanly put mud into the jar, along with some homemade compost. Then get them to put in some seeds and saplings. Lastly, let them add water. Let your child create as many jars as they want and line them up on the balcony.


4. Paper Boats


Paper Boat


As a child, we all made and played with paper boats. You can gather some rainwater in a tub or bucket and teach your child how to make paper boats and play with them. 


This will keep them engaged for a long time, and they'll have fun while doing it. Alternatively, if your child is over 7 years old, you can let them play with paper boats on your terrace or balcony if there's some accumulated rainwater.


5. Movie Time


Movie Time


Movie time is also one of the most fun times for children. You can pick any animated movie made for children and play them with your child. 


Movies made by PIXAR Studios are among the best choices to show your child. They are a lot of fun and also have something interesting to learn for your child. Besides, what better way to teach your child a valuable lesson other than through an engaging animated movie? 


Though, do keep a check on their screen time. As long hours of screen time would make them distracted. And they might even lose interest in some other activity.



During Monsoon, especially when it has just rained outside, keeping your child from playing outside in mud or dampness is vital. Thus, you can pick any of the above activities based on your child's mood. 


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