5 Benefits of Brahmi Which Makes It Essential For Your Child

5 Benefits of Brahmi Which Makes It Essential For Your Child
13 May, 2022
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In Ayurveda, Brahmi is considered a brain tonic.

For centuries it has been used to heal various ailments like Alzheimer's, bronchitis, cold and more.

But other than being used as a medicine, Brahmi has enormous benefits when used in day-to-day life. Especially in today’s time where the pace of life is high, and the environment we live in is so dynamic. 


Brief About Brahmi


Before we discuss the benefits of Brahmi for children, it’s fair to start by understanding a bit about Brahmi.





Brahmi is the most preferred mental rejuvenative in Ayurveda. It derives its name from Brahman, a Sanskrit word for universal consciousness. It is one of the oldest herbs and has been an integral part of many cultures as a brain and focus supplement. In fact, some of them have called it “a herb of enlightenment.”


 1. Improves Cognitive Function


Cognitive Brahmi Benefits


As you might already know, the biggest benefits of Brahmi are that it helps to improve memory, focus, and concentration. 


It boosts the cognitive pathways and reduces oxidative stress. It also accelerates the creation of new neuronal connections in the brain. In children, it helps to promote memory, mental alertness, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. Development of all these aspects is crucial for the overall growth and development of your child.


2. Good for Hair and Skin


Brahmi Benefits Hair & Skin


Brahmi helps to heal skin rashes and scars. If you rub Brahmi leaves on the affected area of your body it can help soothe the discomfort and also reduce inflammation inside the body. 


Brahmi has the effect of cleansing, softening, and protecting the skin. It also helps to soothe hair & scalp. For dense, dandruff-free hair, Brahmi is a great choice. 


Children often do not take enough care of their skin and hair on their own. That’s why Brahmi is a great herb, which you can include in your child's daily routine to ensure healthy skin and hair.


3. Strong Joints & Balanced Metabolism


Brahmi Benefits Joints & Metabolism


For stronger bones, strong joints are imperative. While intake of Calcium with Vitamin D3 ensures quick absorption of calcium leading to strong bones. Brahmi contributes towards keeping the joints healthy by clearing ama (natural toxins) around the joints. This promotes comfort and freedom of movement.

The antioxidants of Brahmi have the unique capacity of removing free radicals from the body which are a result of cell metabolism. These free radicals can cause untimely unprogrammed cell death which can affect any part of the body. Children’s bodies benefit from the antioxidants of Brahmi and protect them from such untimely unprogrammed cell death.


4. Strong Immune System


Brahmi Benefits Immune System


Another key benefit of Brahmi is that it helps to strengthen the immune system. The antioxidants found in Brahmi supplement the nutrients to increase the response time of the immune system against bacteria and viruses. 


In addition, It also contributes to destroying the elements in the body which help develop cancer cells. Brahmi also supports digestive, circulatory, nervous, and respiratory systems. 


Since Brahmi has anti-inflammatory properties it helps to keep the respiratory tracts clean. In addition to reducing inflammation in digestive and respiratory tracts. 


The anti-inflammatory properties also ensure to keep gastrointestinal problems like ulcers at bay among children.


5. Reduces Stress 

 Brahmi Benefits by Reducing Stress


Cortisol is a stress hormone in our body. As a brain tonic, Brahmi reduces the level of cortisol in the body. This, in turn, means that Brahmi helps to reduce anxiety, panic, palpitations, nervousness, headaches, and stomach discomfort caused due to stress. 


Today’s children are growing up in a fast-paced, ever-changing world. Being surrounded by numerous stress contributors is not easy for them. 


Regular consumption of Brahmi for children ensures they feel calm and relaxed. Which is imperative for their mental health and overall development.




Brahmi is more than just a brain tonic, its benefits spread across crucial aspects of our body. From improving cognitive functions to reducing stress and supporting the well-being of respiratory, circulatory, nervous, and digestive systems. 


In fact, its direct application also supports healing. That’s why it’s a crucial herb for children to consume regularly.


Although the taste of Brahmi leaves is not something that children like. But, you can still give your child Brahmi on a daily basis along with many other crucial nutrients with our Gritzo SuperMilk Genius variant. 


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