Clean Ingredients

No Refined Sugar, Preservatives, Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours, Trans Fats, Gluten

Scientifically Formulated

Macro & micronutrients with special herbs crafted after extensive research & strict quality checks

Personalized For Kids

Optimized nutrition according to age, gender, and requirement

Delicious Natural Flavour

Crafted with a chef’s flair using 100% Natural Double Chocolate Flavour

Free Nutrition Consultation

Our team of expert nutritionists is here to help your child with the right nutrition they need. Get free nutritional assessment and customized diet chart to fulfill the individual needs of your child.

Hear It From Real Moms

Super Moms Reviewing SuperMilk

Shreya Batra Gurgaon

My 6 yr old daughter is very fond of Super milk active chocolate flavour as she likes the taste of it and moreover it's a sensible choice as it completes the nutritional requirements of a child and is natural and with no artificial flavour. Combining this with a balanced diet, and a child will have the best of health.

Chavi Nagpal Ludhiana

My 8 year old is fussy eater. It’s get difficult to make him eat properly. Neither he like milk. But when I saw Gritzo supermilk just tried without thinking as the product looks quite promising. And to my surprise my kid started to love milk. I am satisfied atleast he is having something and getting required nutrition

Ajayta Bhatti Delhi

My 6-year-old son always complained that he was feeling tired, I was worried because he was not getting enough nourishment from food. I wanted to introduce a nutritional health drink to his diet. That's when my elder sister recommended the Gritzo Supermilk Athlete variant. Gritzo has been a fantastic product. His stamina picked up and his complaints became less. My boy loves the taste and I don't have to worry about his nutrition. Absolutely delighted with Gritzo.

Sony Subhit Noida, UP

My child was a little underweight and I was worried. My sister in law suggested Gritzo supermilk Weight+ and my 4 year old loved it. I started noticing her development after a month and have never looked back. It's a great product for children.

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