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Personalized Nutrition For NextGen Kids

The times have changed, so have your kids. Not the ground, they want to conquer the world. But, every kid is unique and so are their needs. GRITZO is the personalized nutrition brand to provide the nutrition they need as per their age, gender, and requirement.


3x more protein, 100% D3 + Calcium, 21 essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes

Personalized For Kids

Optimized nutrition according to age, gender, and requirement

Scientifically Formulated

Macro and micronutrients crafted after extensive research and strict quality checks

Delicious Natural Flavour

Crafted with a chef’s flair using 100% Natural Double Chocolate Flavour


No Refined Sugar, Preservatives, Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours, Trans Fats, Gluten

Naturally Boost Growth, Strength, Immunity & Recovery with SUPERMILK

Upto 34% RDA protein for growth & recovery. High quality Milk Whey Protein with all essential amino acids and easy digestion (imported from USA)

strong bones calcium + d3

Calcium + 100% RDA Vit D3 (3x efficient in improving Vit D levels in the body for higher Calcium absorption and stronger bones)

21 essential vitamins and minerals with electrolytes to increase stamina, improve energy, reduce fatigue, hydration and immunity

Added DHA to support brain development (4-7 year variant)


Refined Sugar, Preservatives, Colours, Trans Fats, Artificial Flavours, Gluten, Soya Protein, Sweeteners


Tasty Gummies & boosters to supplement your kids health, made with Natural Flavours


Shivani Sarkar


I was searching for a health drink on amazon which is free of chemicals and sugar and helps in my kids growth as well as provide him with the right nutrition. Thanks for this wonderful product.

Kriti Sagar Rana


My son's height have grown 2.5 inches over last one year of Gritzo usage. At the age of 11 he is about 5'4". I will keep him on Gritzo in upcoming years as it appears helping in height and health of the child.

Divya Vats


My Son is into Football, His coach guided and been almost a year that he is having Gritzo and we have noticed drastic change n suggested to others. Had provide rating 5 earlier also n will provide Now also.. Entire team is taking Grtizo.. Thank u so much.

Aditya Khandelwal


The Day from when my child started to drink he loved the taste and it also helped him in his sport. It is a very good product. People who want their children to perform well in sport should definitely try it. I am very happy with this product.

Aditya Tyagi, Ghaziabad (UP)

"My name is Aditya Tyagi and I am an under 14 boxer. According to me GRITZO SUPER MILK is amazing. It gives you very much energy and protein. And it also repairs our muscles very fast as compared to other drink's. And it contains whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate and these proteins are very much good according to other proteins. According to me if you are below 17 I suggest you should try this."


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Gritzo - Kids Protein Drinks & Healthy Protein Shakes

Proper nourishment in the growing years is something that parents all over the world worry about. We all want to give our children the best and ensure that there are no gaps in their diet that keeps them from performing optimally.

A health drink for kids like Gritzo Supermilk aims at giving children the nutrients that they need to stay active and fit. Our products are developed using a scientifically backed formula. After a lot of research and understanding, we have developed healthy drinks for kids that keep the following requirements at the forefront:

  • The requirement of protein for kids varies according to age. Our products are segregated according to age and the activity levels of children.
  • Vitamin D is one of the most vital nutrients for kids today as close to 90% of Indian children suffer from a deficiency. Our healthy drinks contain 100% RDA vitamin D3 which helps improve the levels of these nutrients in the body thrice as fast.
  • DHA, an important omega-3 fatty acid is included in our drinks with ample protein for boys and girls in the lower age group. Studies show that up to the age of six, brain development is at its peak and DHA fuels this process.
  • Our health drinks are aimed at overall physical health. This kids protein drink contains adequate calcium for stronger and healthier bones.

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